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I'm no longer active here ...... maybe I come back sometime~!

[FanArt] Hey Bae! Vol. 1
'Hey Bae!' is a new ToDae Series, just like 'Black Heat', 'Tell me ... You & I' and 'You know it'.

... I must not explain the name/meaning or? xD

(DaeSung & TOP/SeungHyun - BIGBANG)

[FanArt] Kiss
>.< Don't like it anymore ... !!

(DaeSung & TOP/SeungHyun - BIGBANG)

[Sketch] Love me ...
It's just a photo ... but I'll edit it!

(SeungHyun - BIGBANG)

[FanArt] Black Heat Vol. 3
... it's ok (I hope) ;(

(DaeSung & TOP/SeungHyun - BIGBANG)

[FanArt] Universe
Lights are shining in the darkness
We are just like stars, stars
Everyone is holding onto 
An infinite amount of possibilities, abilities

Big bang & supernova
Nobody knows what the other side holds
But I’m not saying you should feel uneasy
It’s better to guess the future, right?

UNIVERSE It won’t stop
UNIVERSE It will accelerate 
UNIVERSE It’s endless
Keep on going, keep on moving
UNIVERSE Will get you nowhere
UNIVERSE It’s endless
Keep on moving

You have to live strongly
In these times you have to be tough, tough
The more countless walls you climb 
The stronger you will become

Big bang & evolution
If you keep moving forward
You will never feel regret
Even if the world would end today
I have only one life

UNIVERSE by Koda Kumi 


If I have not forgotten anything ... then I'm really happy with this picture!


Daily News Vol. 28
Arrivals July & August (Part 1)

- HyunA Album "Bubble Pop!" CD

- Kan MiYoun Album "Watch" CD
- Lim JeongHee Album "Golden Lady" CD
- Ora Single "Naughty Face" CD

- G.NA Album "Black & White" CD
- YeAra Album "Americano" CD

- Sunny Hill Album "Midnight Circus" CD + Autograph
- JQT Album "PeekABoo" CD [August]

- Younha Album "Someday" CD [August]
- Younha Album "Peace Love & Ice Cream" CD [August]

Japan is FIFA World Cub Champion!!
 I know it, I know it >/////<"

I knew it after they kicked Germany out!

(Germany is always losing against the world champions!) xDD


I'm sooooo happy now ♥ Thanks (Football)God!

[FanArt] Sunlite

I want the two to make an album togheter (like GD&TOP)
... perhaps under the name "SunLite"


I'm sorry I have not given so much effort again =____="
... I haven't used a lot of time and I still can not draw Chibis!

YoungBae & DaeSung - BIGBANG

Daily News Vol. 27
Arrivals June:

(there is not much this month)

- Jasmine Single "ONE" CD
- Palmy Album "Beautiful Ride" CD

- Dazed&Confused Magazine "DaeSung"-Cover 


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